Venugopal Chillal

Individual Project Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Venu and I’m going to be your Individual Projects Chair as a sophomore this year.  I joined  our club in 8th grade and have come to realize that FBLA has a lot more to offer than I first thought.  From competitions to business tours to community service, FBLA has given me countless opportunities, friendships, and immense personal  growth.  The more your involve yourself in the different aspect of FBLA, the more rewarding and enriching your experience will be !  So be sure to participate in the various individual and chapter project we have to offer this year, as they’re great way to showcase your dedication to FBLA and receive recognition for it.

Aside form FBLA, I am involved in the California Scholarship Federation and Speech& Debate.  I also  love listening to music, watching lots of YouTube videos, and gobbling desserts.  If you know any Taylor Swift songs by heart, let me know and we can definitely be good friends.  Just kidding! (not really)

On a serious note, I’m really excited  to work with you to attain success as an individual and as a chapter! Let’s take Tino FBLA to even greater heights this year.