Varun Shenoy

Competitions Officer

My name is Varun and I will be serving as one of your  three competitions officers for the upcoming year. I originally joined FBLA with the clear intention to compete in software development competitions,something which no other club offered.  over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to compete at the local,state, and national level, traveling as far as Atlanta.  Through competition, FBLA has become an integral part of my high school life.

Apart form FBLA, I run our school’s entrepreneurship club, Tino Entrepreneurs.  I’ve also been an active member of Tinovation for the past two years and a Boy Scout (almost Eagle! for the last eight years. Over the the past two years, I’ve attended(and won) many hackathons, including HSHacks, MakeHacks,HackingEDU, and  Health++.

Feel free to chat with me about anything, from FBLA to breakthrough academic research.  I look forward to another successful competitive year with this wonderful chapter!