Riju Narang

Partnership with Business Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Riju Narang, current a junior at Cupertino High School.  I’ve been an FBLA member since  I was in 7th grade, and have truly enjoyed participating in all of the wonderful opportunities FBLA has to offer.  This year, I am chair of the Partnership with Business Project, where our school will be partnering with a business to help them do different kinds of research, promotions, and planning. As Partnership with Business Chair this year, I hope to give all the committee  members the wonderful learning experience  I had, and also have more opportunities for all our club’s members to get involved.  Most of all, I want all of you to try new things  in FBLA  because  there are so many opportunities to learn and acquire new skills that will help you later in your life no matter what path you choose.  Looking  forward to working with everyone next year!