Anjan Bharadwaj

Middle Level Chair

Hello, I’m Anjan, and I’ll be one of the Middle  Level Chairs  as a sophomore  this year!  My primary goal is to maintain and enhance the Middle Level program so that students continue in CHS FBLA as knowledgeable members.  As CHS FBLA members, you can help the next generation of FBLA by participating in the Middle Level Committee.  I encourage you to sign up for chapter projects like Middle Level; the projects and committees that FBLA offers are great ways to get involved in the chapter and get  recognized for your work!

This will be my 5th year in FBLA, and I’ve gotten so  much out of the club!  Joining FBLA has definitely been the best choice I’ve made as a student; it gave me the opportunity to network with other students, build my confidence, and learn about business.  Through my experience in conferences and workshops, I’ve made several new friends and grown and matured as a student.

Outside of FBLA,  I participate in Spanish Honor Society and Tinovation.   I love to code, play the saxophone, swim, and tag my friends in cringey memes!  I’m excited to take Cupertino FBLA and Middle Level to the next level, and I look forward to getting to know you !  I highly encourage you to join our  FBLA Family!