Community Service

This year’s Community Service Project Chair is Yash Shroff

Hello Volunteers,

This year FBLA’s Community Service Project consists of a partnership with Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center to carry out Project HEAL.

Project Cornerstones:

Help the Seniors and Rehab Patients through 1:1 interactions

Educate the Rehab patients and Seniors on common helpful practices

Advocate for the benefits of the Seniors and Rehab Patients

Lead efforts to raise funds to cure diseases common among the elderly


Our Goals are to:

  1. Organize steady shifts of volunteers to assist in maintaining a high level of care at CHWC
  2. Organize Donation drives and Fundraisers to pay for updates and renovations that can aid the rehab and recovery process.
  3. Educate and Entertain the patients at the Center through Fun Arts and Crafts Projects as well as educational presentations to keep all patients active and high functioning.