American Enterprise

Welcome to the American Enterprise Project page ! This year’s project chair is Naren Ramesh.

About American Enterprise (AE):

The American Enterprise project is a chapter project that focuses on a specific aspect of the American Enterprise system. The goal of this chapter is to raise awareness of the aspect of the AE system along with the system itself in the community by getting the entire FBLA chapter involved.

Past AE Projects: Leading Education and Development (LEAD)

Cupetino FBLA’s 2014-15  Project Lead, won first place nationally, focused on educating students and the community  through teaching programs, guest speakers, Youtube videos, and social media.  Tino AE taught a ten-week business apprenticeship program at Sheppard Middle School through an organization called Citizen Schools, and we held a Holiday Marketplace event at Sedgwick Elementary, where students made and sold their own products. The Holiday Marketplace event and program was very successful and ended up being publicized in the San Jose Mercury News.

Member Benefits:

As a member of the AE project, you will have the opportunity to participate in an award-winning project, earn volunteer hours, teach students of all ages about the AE system, work on your public speaking skills, gain valuable experience, and have fun!

Upcoming Events & Deadlines: (check our 2017-18 calendar)

If you have any questions, feel free to email !