Community Service Project

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The Project: Project Rise

Project Rise is a project where we will be tutoring homeless students at the San Jose Family Shelter, as well as creating a series of STEM workshops and hosting business guest speakers for the homeless students.

The Goals:

To educate and enrich the lives of the children at the homeless shelter, while inspiring them by introducing them to various fields of study and careers
Benefit the community shelter!

The Plan:

Our project consists of a two-part plan, to be implemented during both semesters. We have already spoken with the Homework Enrichment program coordinator of the shelter, and she prefers that we first complete the workshops, and then begin the tutoring.

1st Semester:

Management and Career Exposure Workshops:

1st semester will consist of a series of workshops on important skills that the children at the shelter need to develop, such as time management, hygeine, and cooking. In addition, the children will be exposed to multiple guest speakers from a variety of careers.

2nd Semester:

After-school Tutoring

During 2nd semester, FBLA members will have to opportunity to tutor students at the shelter on a weekly basis

CSP Components:

Committees: We will have three committees, all assigned with specific tasks to efficiently manage all aspects of CSP.

1. Operations Committee

2. Planning Committee

3. Communications Committee