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[accordion_item title=”Erin Song – Co-President”]

Hello there! I’m Erin, and I am honored to be serving as one of your Cupertino FBLA co-presidents this year! Having joined FBLA as a freshman, I can confidently say that FBLA has made a huge impact on my high school experience and shaped my identity in ways unimaginable.

The moment you join FBLA, you don’t just join a club. You join a family who’s there to support you every step of the way. From competing in events such as E-Business and Partnership with Business across the nation to teaching members how to foster their own leadership skills, the experiences that I have gained from FBLA have definitely changed my life for the better, and I hope they will do the same for you, too. The memories, guidance, and second family that you gain are truly incomparable, so I encourage you to join us at our next meeting. I promise you won’t regret it.

Outside of FBLA, you can probably spot me stuffing unhealthily large portions of food in my mouth, making lame puns, binge watching the latest anime or K-drama (seriously, if you’re following anything right now please strike up a conversation with either me or Jehannaz, your other wonderful co-president), or doing all three at once. If you have any questions or just want to talk about anything, don’t be afraid to talk to me or any of our other amazing officers (don’t worry- none of us are scary, trust me)!


[accordion_item title=”Jehannaz Dastoor – Co-President”]

Hey there! I’m Jehannaz, and I’m so excited to serve as one of your Cupertino FBLA co-presidents this year! I’m (very very very) outgoing (so don’t hesitate to ask questions or talk to me!), service-oriented, and hopelessly embedded in meme culture. Outside of FBLA, you can find me running two other clubs (the Global Health Club and the World Core Scholars club), catching up on sleep or homework (hehe) in the library, running fundraisers/drives for some cause or another, or watching K-dramas with your other awesome co-president.  

FBLA is not just the largest student run organization in the country–FBLA is a family. Really. I’m speaking to you right now as not just an officer, but as your prospective big sister. FBLA has provided the most phenomenal and life-changing experiences in all my four years of high school; teaching underprivileged children about entrepreneurship, leading a project at a local homeless shelter, having late night study sessions with the entire chapter, and flying cross-country with my FBLA family to compete at the National Leadership Conference, are just a few of my FBLA memories that every student who joins FBLA can have. With over 60 competitions that cover just about any career field (not just business!), and a plethora of guest speaker events, business tours and service opportunities, I can easily say that FBLA is the most immersive, educational and fun club that you could join on campus.

I can’t wait to meet you and all of the other wonderful members of the FBLA family this year! I look forward to another fantastic year as your Co-President, friend, and fellow FBLA family member.


[accordion_item title=”Claire Lin – Vice President”]

Hello! My name is Claire, and I am excited to serve as your Vice President for the upcoming school year. Throughout my membership in FBLA for the past three years, FBLA has given me tremendous opportunities for growth, namely by offering opportunities for me to learn graphic design, through the Public Relations committee, to network, through the Mentorship & Networking program, and to learn to build websites from scratch, through the E-Business competition (which is just one competition among 60 other extremely educational and versatile competitions that FBLA offers to its members).
FBLA truly offers each member a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn real-life skills beneficial for seeking jobs, internships, and leadership positions, and being part of it has helped to maximize my potential as well as that of my high school experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach me in the hallways or shoot me a message via social media – I promise I don’t bite!


[accordion_item title=”Dhanya Jayagopal – Business Education Chair”]

Hello! My name is Dhanya Jayagopal, and I will be serving as your Business Education Chair this year. Joining FBLA will offer you a plethora of different opportunities to grow: it will equip you with skills necessary to succeed regardless of what path you chose to follow throughout high school. From FBLA have blossomed talented doctors, musicians, engineers, artists, and so much more. Ultimately, FBLA is a family for you to be a part of, so join without hesitation!

Outside of FBLA, I am a part of CHS Speech & Debate, where I am actively involved in Public Forum Debate. I’m also a part of Cupertino’s ASB class, where I am responsible for Campus Connection. If you’re a freshmen and you have any questions, HMU because my job is to help you! I also love doing community service activities, within and outside of FBLA, especially projects that I can lead on my own. I love making music, with myself and instruments, but watching TV is only a little less of a hobby. I always stick to 1 TV show at a time, as I believe in television loyalty (it’s a thing), so right now I’m finishing up Greys Anatomy, but it kind of sucks now that Derek died and Christina is gone (sorry for the spoilers), but I’m sticking with it!

Anyways, please feel free to approach me whenever you need something, and don’t forget to take part in the Business Education Project this year! 🙂 To learn more about me, you can find me on Instagram & Facebook! :3


[accordion_item title=”Aviral Pereira – Ex-Officio”]

Hey FBLAers! I’m Aviral and I serve as an ex-officio of Cupertino FBLA and as the California FBLA State Public Relations officer. In my opinion, FBLA is the most diverse organization on campus, so I encourage everyone to participate in everything that our chapter has to offer–competitions, conferences, projects, socials, and more.

Outside of FBLA, I serve as the Senior Class President and formerly as a Varsity Captain in Speech & Debate. Outside of these two activities, I love binge watching Netflix, eating food, drinking PMT, and rooting against the Warriors.

I look forward to meeting all of you at some point this year and hope you make the most of your time in FBLA! Feel free to ask me any questions you have about anything!


[accordion_item title=”Sanika Mahajan – Ex-Officio”]

Hey everyone! I’m Sanika, and I’m an ex-officio for CHS FBLA as well as your California FBLA State President. FBLA has played a monumental role in my high school years so far and I hope that you are all able to gain as much out of it as I have. While we may be called a “club” or even a “business organization,” what we really are is a family.

Outside of FBLA (yes, I pretend to have a life outside FBLA) I enjoy singing in Cappella choir. I am also a captain in Speech and Debate and President of French Honor Society. TV and food are my favorite couple in the world and I have a (minor) addiction to Sour Patch Watermelon- trust me, it’s better than Sour Patch Kids.

FBLA is an opportunity to network with mentors, leaders, and friends that will be valuable throughout your life. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you this year, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or just say hi! I promise, I won’t bite (especially if you bring food as a peace offering).


[accordion_item title=”Bhavesh Manivannan – Competitions”]

Hey there FBLA’ers! I’m Bhavesh and I am going to serve as one of your three competitions officers for the 2016-17 school year! The competitions aspect of FBLA is something I really love, and I can’t wait to help you succeed in your competitions this year. I joined FBLA in freshman year, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. This organization has given me a variety of opportunities ranging from business tours in companies such as Google and NASA to visiting Chicago and Atlanta for National Leadership Conferences!

Outside of FBLA, I have been part of the badminton team since freshman year, and I hope to continue playing for the rest of my high school career. Additionally, I have played the piano for over 7 years, and I still try to learn how to play new songs. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and spending time with friends.
I’m looking forward to meeting every one of you this year! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


[accordion_item title=”Ruchi Shah – Competitions”]

Hello, my name is Ruchi Shah and I am currently serving as one of your three competition officers! FBLA has been an integral part of my high school experience and I can’t wait to lead competitors this year through the three conferences. FBLA has not only provided me a variety of opportunities but has also let me build a family that I will forever remember. The club has let me experience new things and meet many different people with different interests.
I definitely recommend joining FBLA as it was one of the best decisions I have made freshmen year! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on facebook!


[accordion_item title=”Edward Hsu – Competitions”]

Hello everyone! My name is Edward and I am one of your Competitions Officers this year. As a freshman, I joined FBLA solely because all my friends were doing it. However, as the year progressed, I found myself in love with what the club has to offer. While I at first was unfamiliar with the competitions aspect of FBLA, I involved myself in chapter projects, later becoming the Partnership with Business project chair my sophomore year.

If there is one thing you should take away from joining and experiencing what FBLA has to offer, it would definitely be the opportunities other than competitions. Although FBLA competitions may boost your college application, the work that I have devoted to individual projects such as Financial Literacy and the Partnership with Business project have made me a better communicator, student, and leader. Cupertino FBLA has created a safe space for me to grow to become a better student overall.

Aside from FBLA, I am also involved in our school’s California Scholarship Federation, as well as Spanish Honor Society (hola amirite). When I have the time, I occasionally pick up my saxophone or open my piano to drop some epic notes (lol). My favorite activities involve drinking le boba, watching inspiring TED talks, and saying annoying words like “same,” “lmao,” and “lol” (my friends can attest to that).

Overall, I’m friendly, approachable, and sometimes a little (very) awkward. If you like laughing at your own jokes, boba, or being a potato, then we have a lot in common. Hit me up on Tinder lmao. Just kidding! Anyways…. I look forward to getting to know you all this year!


[accordion_item title=”Jasmine Li – American Enterprise “]

Hello FBLA’ers! My name is Jasmine and I’m happy to be serving as your American Enterprise Project Chair this year. Coming into Tino as an apprehensive freshman, I had no clue what I was interested in and simply joined FBLA as one of many clubs. However, as the year went on, I realized the amazing people I met, the knowledge I gained, the memories I made, and that was when I decided to really dedicate myself to this club.

Although most FBLA’ers join for the competitions, don’t forget to check out the different chapter projects, such as American Enterprise! With the various volunteering events, committees, and offered leadership positions, it’s definitely a great way to become more involved in FBLA.

Outside of FBLA, I enjoy playing tennis on our school team and drawing in my free time. When I’m not crumbling under the stress of classes, grades, standardized tests, and the generally competitive atmosphere of the Bay Area, I like to go out to grab tea and food with friends. This summer, I began watching kdramas and it’s ruining my life

Looking forward to get to know all of you this year! I’m extremely approachable so don’t hesitate to come up and say hi! :~)


[accordion_item title=”Julia Liu – Partnership with Business”]

Hi, I’m Julia! I am currently a junior and also Tino FBLA’s Partnership with Business Project Chair. I remember joining Tino FBLA two years ago as a shy and naïve freshman lost in the waves of incoming high school stress and the seemingly innumerable options of clubs to join on campus. FBLA has definitely given me the opportunity to express myself more clearly and reach outside of my comfort zone. I look forward to working with y’all throughout the year to help make Tino FBLA the best that it can be!


[accordion_item title=”Saagar Sanghavi – Community Service Project”]

Hello!! I’m Saagar and I’m going to be leading a Community Service Project(CSP) through FBLA this year. While I love everything about FBLA, I think the fact that it’s given me the opportunities and means to give back to the community is what I like the most. I’m so excited to have this great opportunity this year, and I hope that every one of our members can be a part of the Community Service Project this year!!

At school, I love being involved in clubs, sports, and spirit activities to meet new people and enjoy what our school has to offer! As a freshman, I was quite shy and reserved, and I think that pushing myself into situations where I had to interact and work with others helped me go out of my bubble. I hope everyone finds their own niche in FBLA, and I know we will have plenty of opportunities for you to be with people you love!
Outside of school, I enjoy cycling, experiencing the outdoors, playing piano, and making art that looks absolutely appalling. I try my best to be open, and I’m here to talk to you!!


[accordion_item title=”Leo Rassieur – Individual Project”]

Hi, my name is Leo! This year I am a sophomore, and Cupertino FBLA’s individual projects chair. I joined FBLA my freshman year, just to find something to do. It ended up being one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I’ve had! I’ve tried to take every opportunity possible, because I find that people who do hard work are often rewarded when it comes to FBLA. I can’t wait to lead our individual and chapter projects this year, and make Tino FBLA stronger than ever before!


[accordion_item title=”Evan Wang- Middle Level”]

Hi! I’m Evan Wang and I am super excited to be one of your Middle Level Chairs this year! I joined FBLA when I was a freshman and let me be honest with you, FBLA has offered me so much these past two years. The Middle Level program has given me so many opportunities for growth as an individual, a leader, and an entrepreneur. So don’t miss out!
Outside of FBLA, I participate in National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation. I also play the piano and alto saxophone, though I don’t play as much as before. Anyway, I like meeting new people, so don’t be afraid to talk to me if you have any questions!


[accordion_item title=”Kelly Park – Middle Level”]

Hello! I’m Kelly, and I’m beyond excited to serve as your Middle Level Chair for Lawson this school year! Joining FBLA my freshman year is arguably one of the best decisions that I have made throughout my high school career, so I highly encourage you to join our FBLA family. FBLA provided me with so many opportunities that I would not have been able to have if I weren’t a part of this organization, including meeting people from across the state, taking on various leadership positions, and being a part of a tight-knit family.

In addition to FBLA, I play on the school volleyball team and serve as a writing lab tutor here at Tino. Outside of school, you can find me at any nearby cafe, restaurant or boba shop. I also spend a good portion of my time laughing at memes on instagram. I hope you get to know you guys throughout the school year, and please do not ever hesitate to approach me at any time!

Apart from FBLA, I am currently a part of the varsity volleyball team here at Tino, serve as a writing lab tutor, and play the flute. Chipotle and pasta hold a very special place in my heart, and I am a big fan of Philz coffee. I enjoy making bad jokes, so if you happen to hear me tell one, please laugh with me and not at me. I hope to make your FBLA experience a blast this year, and please don’t be scared to ask me any questions that you may have about FBLA or topics pertaining to non-FBLA or non-school related activities.


[accordion_item title=”Sukanya Joshi – Community Relations”]

Hello FBLA’ers! I’m Sukanya and I am thrilled to be your Community Relations Officer this year. I can’t wait to offer some cool business tours and guest speaker events this year! As a freshman, I was extremely shy, reserved, and intimidated by the new environment in high school. Joining FBLA was one of the best decisions I made because not only was I opened up to so many opportunities but also got to meet some of my closest friends. I can guarantee you that FBLA will make a positive difference in your life. My communication and leadership skills have soared higher than I could ever imagine. Attending business tours and guest speaker events has motivated me to work hard in and out of school. Competing in Bays, States, and Nationals has given me the strength to overcome failure and work even harder. I can assure you that you will enjoy FBLA as much as I do throughout the year.

Outside of FBLA, I am a part of Tino Investors and the school’s badminton team. Additionally, I’m a black belt in karate and I have been enjoying this sport for more than eight years. In my free time, I like to sleep, eat, swim, and watch a lot Netflix (If you have any good TV show recommendations, please let me know). I also love to spend time with my friends and rant to them about my eventful life.
I am very friendly and approachable so if you have any questions, hit me up on campus any time! I am looking forward to a fantastic year of happiness, stress, and lots of food!!! 🙂


[accordion_item title=”Aishwarya Laddha – Community Relations”]

Hullo! I am a Senior at Tino and FBLA’s community relations officer. Coming in as a freshman, I was new, I was nervous, and I was incredibly excited. But joining FBLA was a door into a world that made freshman year and all the years after an unforgettable and super rewarding adventure. Outside of FBLA, you can find me running for the cross-country and track (tbh it’s a love-hate relationship with running) or getting interviews for our school newspaper. I look forward to getting to know you all and always feel free to ask me any questions about FBLA, school, or just life in general 🙂


[accordion_item title=”Jessi Xia – Public Relations”]

Hello, my name is Jessica (but most people call me Jessi). I will be one of your Public Relations officer this year along with Sooyeon! I’ve been a member of FBLA since freshman year, and it’s given me a ton of memories I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to get to meet all of you :^)

Feel free to come talk to me outside of FBLA, especially if you watch Game of Thrones!


[accordion_item title=”Sooyeon Oh – Public Relations”]

Hello! I’m Sooyeon, and I’ll be a sophomore for the 2016-2017 school year. I’ll also be serving as one of your FBLA Public Relations officers. I’ve been a member of FBLA ever since 7th grade as a part of Middle Level. Through this club, I’ve made many friends, met business professionals, and competed at state levels. It’s truly a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives you exclusive insight into different careers in business-related fields. FBLA prepares you for your future years in high school, college, and beyond. I look forward to a successful year with you, and I hope I’ll see you at the next FBLA meeting, which will be during Thursday lunch at the Gomez theater!


[accordion_item title=”Jasmine Till – Secretary-Treasurer-Webmaster”]

Hi! I’m Jasmine and I’m so excited to be your Secretary-Treasurer-Webmaster this year! I joined FBLA in 8th grade and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. FBLA has offered me many opportunities from joining the Competitions Committee sophomore year to serving as the Individual Projects Chair my junior year. My favorite part of FBLA is definitely the family we have created within the club, I’ve met so many amazing people through this organization.

Aside from FBLA, I am also active in Speech & Debate and Fashion Club. I am also on the badminton team. I also LOVE Zayn/One Direction (cry), 5SOS, and Taylor Swift! It’s embarassing how much TV I watch, some shows include Flash, Arrow, Suits, Gossip Girl, White Collar, Quantico and dozens more! Also I am a huge Kdrama fan, please feel free to obsess over them with me!!! 
My biggest piece of advice for y’all for FBLA and high school is to get out of your comfort zone. If there are any committees or opportunities that seem interesting, apply/go for it or you might regret it! I’m super excited for my last year in FBLA and I hope you are too., feel free to ask me any questions you may have about school, FBLA or life in general– I love meeting new people 🙂


[accordion_item title=”Naren Ramesh – Auxiliary Officer”]

Hi everyone! I’m Naren and I am a sophomore. I will be serving as your Leadership Associate next year and I am super excited to serve our chapter and help it grow. This is going to be my 5th year in FBLA and it has been one of the best things I have been part of! FBLA offers so much to your life, socially and academically. I have learned so much from FBLA, met so many new people, and grown both as an FBLA member and person. FBLA is a family. Everyone looks out for you and works hard to ensure that you have opportunities to succeed, whether it’s from giving you advice to helping you study to even comforting you at 12:00 in morning when you are stressing about school. I ABSOLUTELY love FBLA and I can’t wait to meet you this year! Let’s take Cupertino FBLA higher than ever before!



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