Middle Level

Our Middle Level Chairs: Anjan Bharadwadj & Brandon Wu

The Middle Level Committee (which is part of the Adopt-a-Chapter Project) is aimed at growing and improving our two feeder-chapters, Hyde and Lawson FBLA.  We visit the middle schools bi-weekly to give business presentations and other informational meetings. We also hold various special events, including business tours, guest speakers, and fun challenges (like the Stock Market Challenge and the Entrepreneurship Event), to increase the students’ interest in business. Lastly, we organize competitions for the middle schoolers and host our very own conference (the Pseudo Bay Section Conference). As a member of the committee, you will be able to network with other middle level committees across the Bay Section, gain recognition for improving the future of our chapter, and gain valuable leadership experience by working with students younger than you. The Middle Level Project is similar every year (we help to grow the Hyde and Lawson FBLA Chapters), but each year has a different schedule than the previous one, with different activities, topics, and more!