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10.15.15 Hello FBLA’ers, This week the CEO of Mega Prep, an SAT/ACT Prep company, spoke about his education experiences, his business life, and conveyed an inspiring message to members. Here is the Prezi used in today’s meeting.


10.13.15 Hello FBLA’ers, This week the project officers discussed their specific project and showed members the benefits and activities of their projects: American Enterprise Project: This project allows you to spread business and financial knowledge to students of all ages and benefits the local community. Every year the theme changes and this year’s theme is…

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At today’s meeting, the competitions’ officers discussed the specific competitions that FBLA offers to members. Ranging from public speaking, business tests, and computer-related competitions, FBLA has a variety of competitions that can interest everyone. Attending these competitions allow you to excel in the Bay Section Level, State Level, and even National Level. Be sure to…

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