In today’s meeting we discussed a variety of events and projects that are taking place in the near future. We went over the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) and explained the benefits that it has to offer. Specifically, LDI allows members to meet and network with other members, attend informative workshops, and have fun with friends. In addition, we discussed the American Enterprise Project that gives members the opportunity to teach low income students about finance as well as offers many different types of volunteering opportunities. Finally, we addressed the upcoming Competitions Social that will occur September 25th, 3-5 pm in Room 913. This social is highly encouraged for all freshmen and new competitors and will allow members to preview some major competition events.

Also to be an official FBLA national member, please fill out this online membership form and bring in your $20 donation (checks payable to Cupertino High School) paper-clipped to this form (printed) to the next meeting.

To view the Prezi presentation used in today’s meeting, click here.