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4.21.16 Congratulations to all of members that participated and placed in the State Leadership Conference! Among many, some achievements for the Cupertino FBLA chapter were: 2nd in Sweepstakes 33 qualifiers to nationals 42 out of 64 placed in top 10 3rd in LCABR 3rd in American Enterprise 3rd in Partnership with Business State President –…

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1.14.16 Hey FBLA’ers, At this week’s meeting, two officer presented how to write a cover letter and resume. This presentation included, do’s and and don’t, format of the resume and cover letter, and purpose of your application. To view this presentation click here. To view this week’s prezi, click here.


1.7.16 This week officers introduced different summer program and internship opportunities to members and discussed its benefits. Additionally, each member took a career aptitude quiz in order to attain a vague idea of what careers match their personal interests. Here is the link to this week’s prezi. Below is a compiled list of summer programs/internships…

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11.19.15 Hello FBLA’ers, At today’s meeting, many announcements were made regarding FBLA’s projects. In addition, several American Enterprise committee members presented key aspects about American Enterprise and tested members’ knowledge by conducting a game of Kahoot. To view the Prezi and the Rosegram Video, click here.


11.12.15 Hey FBLA’ers, The annual Rosegram fundraiser has begun! This week officers introduced the Rosegram fundraiser and allowed members to team up or participate individually in a competition of who can sell the most Rosegrams. Those who sell the most will be awarded prizes in the end. This fundraiser will be taking place November 11th…

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11.5.15 Hello FBLA Members, At today’s meeting we went over some general announcements and reminders followed by a game of Kahoot. All members participated in teams of two or three and were given trivia questions about business and marketing facts. The winners were then provided prizes. To view the Prezi used in today’s meeting, click…

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10.15.15 Hello FBLA’ers, This week the CEO of Mega Prep, an SAT/ACT Prep company, spoke about his education experiences, his business life, and conveyed an inspiring message to members. Here is the Prezi used in today’s meeting.


10.13.15 Hello FBLA’ers, This week the project officers discussed their specific project and showed members the benefits and activities of their projects: American Enterprise Project: This project allows you to spread business and financial knowledge to students of all ages and benefits the local community. Every year the theme changes and this year’s theme is…

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At today’s meeting, the competitions’ officers discussed the specific competitions that FBLA offers to members. Ranging from public speaking, business tests, and computer-related competitions, FBLA has a variety of competitions that can interest everyone. Attending these competitions allow you to excel in the Bay Section Level, State Level, and even National Level. Be sure to…

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In today’s meeting we discussed about upcoming events and some of the individual projects that FBLA offers to members. To understand these projects in further depth and to see the specifics about what was discussed at the meeting, please view our prezi here. If you are attending the LDI conference please keep the following in…

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